Help please with Italian translation: 1875 marriage register

I have located my gg-grandparents’ marriage registration in Italy – Rosario GIARDINA to Concetta GIARDINA in Cefalu, Palermo, Sicily, Italy, 9? August 1875.  NOTE: Surnames of both parties is GIARDINA.

I have transcribed parts of this document but when you combine handwriting [scribble?] with a foreign language it becomes a tad more difficult.

I’d really appreciate input from anyone who can help.  If you click on the thumbnail image you can view an enlargement.

My transcription / translation so far using Following the paper trail: a multilingual translation guide, Google translate and an Italian dictionary …

Marriage Certificate

Number 83



The year one thousand eight hundred and seventy five, on this 9th? August ??? at about one ??? thirty minutes in the Municipal House of Cefalu.

Cavaliese Giovanni Agnetto comes to me, open to the public. Mayor, ed. ???

The Civil Status Officer, dressed in official form, have personally appeared;

1. Rosario GIARDINA widower, aged twenty-nine, * sailor, born in Cefalu, residing in Cefalu, son of Filippo[??], resident in Cefalu, and Maria GARBO residing in Cefalu;

2. Concetta GIARDINA Twenty-five year old bachelor, *, born in Cefalu, resident in Cefalu, daughter of Giovanni, resident in Cefalu and Maria Stella FERRARA, resident in Cefalu, who have asked me to join them in marriage; to this effect they presented me the document described below; and from the examination of this, not of those already produced at the time of requesting the publications, which all, bearing my visa, insert in the volume of the annexes to this register, proving to be nothing to prevent the celebration of their marriage.

I read to the spouses the articles one hundred and thirty, one hundred and thirty-one and one hundred and thirty-three of the Civil Code, and therefore I asked the groom if he intends to take the present Concetta GIARDINA as wife, and to this if she intends to take the present Rosario GIARDINA to her husband; and each one having answered affirmatively with full intelligence even of the witnesses indicated below, I have pronounced in the name of the law that they are united in marriage.

To this act were present: Guisseppe GIARDINA aged? Thirty-three, * seafaring, and Sal Paolo CITRANO, aged thirty-five, * Beneficial, both residing in this Municipality. The document presented ??? Publicity certificates ????????  … … … … … … … … … … [to end].

I’m afraid that I started going a tad cross-eyed with all the handwriting at the end.

As I said, any assistance with filling in the gaps would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance – I am also posting this on the Genealogy Translations Facebook page.

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