Can you help – replacement software for book?

Family Register ExampleMANY years ago – in fact back in 2005 – I produced a book from my Legacy Family Tree database.  I extracted from Legacy and imported it into RY3 [Relatively Yours 3].  The image at the right shows an example page [one entry removed as the person is still alive].

It wasn’t something I put on the web but could produce copies for my family.  I know everyone has a “favourite” layout that no longer exists but I’m hoping someone can help with suggestions for an alternative.

The important ideal features:

  • Run on Windows 7, 64-bit or higher [version I have is XP and no longer supported]
  • Includes ALL people in database or tagged group regardless of any relationships.  It was ideal for a “one-place” study too.
  • Does not rely on Ancestor or Descendant selections – ALL as per above
  • Includes photos – currently in Legacy database
  • Two column layout as per example – can be something that can be imported into MS Word for this sort of formatting.
  • Does not duplicate or triplicate people with multiple names, whether AKA or married / maiden names.  RY3 used the main name and all others had a note “see given name SURNAME”
  • Sorts all in Surname and given name order – options should be flexible

I’d really appreciate suggestions – you can use my Contact page if you like.

Many thanks in anticipation.