Can you help – replacement software for book?

Family Register ExampleMANY years ago – in fact back in 2005 – I produced a book from my Legacy Family Tree database.  I extracted from Legacy and imported it into RY3 [Relatively Yours 3].  The image at the right shows an example page [one entry removed as the person is still alive].

It wasn’t something I put on the web but could produce copies for my family.  I know everyone has a “favourite” layout that no longer exists but I’m hoping someone can help with suggestions for an alternative.

The important ideal features:

  • Run on Windows 7, 64-bit or higher [version I have is XP and no longer supported]
  • Includes ALL people in database or tagged group regardless of any relationships.  It was ideal for a “one-place” study too.
  • Does not rely on Ancestor or Descendant selections – ALL as per above
  • Includes photos – currently in Legacy database
  • Two column layout as per example – can be something that can be imported into MS Word for this sort of formatting.
  • Does not duplicate or triplicate people with multiple names, whether AKA or married / maiden names.  RY3 used the main name and all others had a note “see given name SURNAME”
  • Sorts all in Surname and given name order – options should be flexible

I’d really appreciate suggestions – you can use my Contact page if you like.

Many thanks in anticipation.

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4 Responses to Can you help – replacement software for book?

  1. Suzie, have a look at YouTube & do a search for Tessa Watch. Tessa Keough has done a series of videos for Legacy users. There is also really good Legacy Virtual users group admined by Tessa on Google Plus. Tessa uses Legacy for her one place study, one name study & her regular family history. I was inspired by the G+ group that I am using legacy for my one name study. A few months ago Tessa did two of the legacy webinars about using legacy for specialised studies such as place, cemetery etc. studies.

  2. Susie Zada says:

    Hi Julie – thank you – have a copy of the full webinar and it’s on my “To-Do” list for my FUSSEN One-Name study. Unfortunately that list is getting longer and longer – just over half way through my Diploma of Library and Information Services – fill-time on-line. Trust me – doesn’t leave room for MY time – between study, assignments, and applying for jobs! 😦 I’ll eventually get there. 🙂

    • Hi Susie, Well done you with your diploma. Fussen, is that a German name (after the place in Bavaria) or a Swiss name?I have searched the Guild of One-Name Studies website and there are no current mentions of the name nor is it registered. Good luck on the job front!

  3. Susie Zada says:

    Hi Julie – definitely French based in the 1800s – George FUSSEN was obviously fluent in French – married by a French speaking Catholic priest at St Patrick’s in Sydney. My grandfather also spoke French although he died when my Dad was quite young. My Dad always wanted his kids to learn French. My brother wasn’t the least bit interested but I did French for many years at school. There are traces of the family in Germany / Prussia where the name was spelt Fußßen and I always used to fantasize about the Disneyland / Füssen castle belonging to us – none of the potential cousins have found any connection to the town. I have joined the Surname Society but with all the study that’s as far as I’ve got at this stage. 🙂

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