New web / blog: my ancestors’ arrivals in Australia

I’ve been planning to create a new web / blog site for yonks but only managed to get around to it while I had a short break at Christmas.

Normally I spend my time doing work on the Geelong & District web site or the Geelong & District database or the Geelong & District blog or just doing research for others.  Just for a change I have done something for myself although it also had a dual purpose … at our next quarterly Geelong & District Historical Association meeting in February the main item on our agenda is creating web sites for local & family history societies.

WordPress is an ideal tool for these societies … although predominantly used for blog sites I wanted to show how it could be used as a full web site but also with the option to handle blogs.  And more importantly it is easy to set up and maintain at no or minimal cost depending on the options you select.

For ME the focus was my ancestors who were born overseas and settled in Australia.  The hardest thing was deciding on my blog address – I settled on and was pleased to find it available.  The purpose was to help me focus on gaps or brick walls in my research – and in setting out the list of these ancestors with the basic facts I’ve certainly identified plenty of holes that need plugging!  My blogs will be about those holes!

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It really doesn't matter if it's Local History or Family History [genealogy] - I just love it ... Susie Zada

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